[GSBN] steel clad barn and straw bales

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Hello Chug,

condesation can become a reall problem, especially when bales rest directly touching the steel. Then, as it is hidden , you would only  be aware of the rot too late, with the risk of flyng moist - eaten straw dusts (very unhealthy as you know).

It obviously depends in wich area you live- if the air is very dry, there wont be  much to condensate, and the worse you would get, after a few years, would be brownish straw at the touching ends, on  half an inch deep.  but if you are in areas near the sea, or a  very wet climate , the bale wall may suffer well in deepness, and start thorough rot at the surface.  If it gets really moisty on a long period (like in some places near the sea in the uK) the steel sheet could as well begin to oxydate abnormally, due to permanent contact with rotting straw,  and you want to avoid that.

If you have the possibility, insert sticks (batons) every 12 to 20 inches along the surface, between the steel and the straw, to keep a fair distance and avoid unfriendly contacts.



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> Subject: [GSBN] steel clad barn and straw bales
> Greetings baleheads,
> I've been asked if straw bales can be retrofitted to the inside of a steel 
> clad barn and whether there would be any problems with condensation forming 
> on the steel and migrating into the bales, anyone got any experience to 
> share?
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