[GSBN] Please vote for PAKSBAB in the GISTech-I Competition!

John Glassford jacksflat at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 00:20:45 CDT 2011

G ' day Darcey

Great work mate.

I have sent the link to 1,600 Rotarians on the internet, to get their vote
and support.

You see Rotary does great work with Shelterbox a temporary tent system:


I feel that Darcey has the solution for what comes after Shelterbox.  Our
club is about to invest in 2 Shelterboxes for the recent earthquake in
Turkey each box costs us US$1,000.

Darcey go to your local Rotary club and give a talk, they will support you
and then some.

The Straw Wolf.

Huff 'n' Puff Constructions
61 2 6927 6027
In Australia (02) 6927 6027

About to leave in 3 weeks time for Africa and this time in 3 weeks we will
be having conversations with the gorillas of Bwindi in Uganda and then we
climb the Mountains of the Moon for the children of Africa.

Mountains of the Moon 2011

On 5 November 2011 15:13, Darcey Donovan <ecoengineering at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear GSBN friends,****
> ** **
> PAKSBAB is competing in the GISTech-I (Global Innovation through Science
> and Technology Initiative) competition for innovative solutions to economic
> development problems.  Please click on this link
> http://youtu.be/z2d5bnWY5GE to watch our video and then *vote for us by
> clicking on the like button*!  ****
> ** **
> For more information on the competition go to
> http://gist.crdfglobal.org/gist-programs/gistech-i-competition.  To learn
> more about PAKSBAB's work bringing safe, affordable and locally appropriate
> building solutions to the developing world visit our website at
> www.paksbab.org.****
> ** **
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