[GSBN] Hand Baler designs

Andy Horn andy at ecodesignarchitects.co.za
Thu Nov 10 07:40:09 CST 2011

Dear Habib

Thank you so much for forwarding me the plans for the hand compressed baler
using a fulcrum design.


Have you ever tried the long wheel car/lorry jack or is that more expensive
/ complicated and would you know what to pros and cons of either system are?


Many thanks 

Andy Horn





From: Habib John Gonzalez [mailto:habibg at netidea.com] 
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2011 7:16 AM
To: info at ecodesignarchitects.co.za
Subject: Hand Baler


Hello Andy:


Attached are plans and a manual for the hand baler designed and used
overseas by Tillers International. I hope this is useful for your project.



All the best,




Habib John L Gonzalez
RR#1, S-4, C-12
Crescent Valley, BC
Canada V0G 1H0

"Better the kindness of imperfection than perfection without kindness" 

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