[GSBN] Interview with Matts and Judy

martin hammer mfhammer at pacbell.net
Tue Dec 27 21:03:51 CST 2011

Dear all,

There is a wonderful interview with Matts and Judy on YouTube that you might
be interested to view:


The interview took place at the 2007 Colorado Straw Bale Conference.  It¹s
great to hear both Matts and Judy talk about their beginnings in the early
days of the strawbale revival, and to again hear Judy¹s voice, intelligence,
and spirit.


On 12/26/11 2:02 PM, "John Swearingen" <john.skillfulmeans at gmail.com> wrote:

> Judy found the heart and soul in the straw revival, and, like the greatest of
> souls, connected each person she met to that heart, and rooted us there.  She
> can only be missed in the ordinary sense, because her extraordinary vision
> lives on in so many of us.
> With gratitude prayers, love, and best wishes to Matts and her family,
> John

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