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Dear Jeff:

I am quite shocked about your inquiry as to the orientations of my bales. Quite frankly sir, this is way beyond the editorial boundaries of The Last Straw Journal. 

Thousands of bales have rolled off a hundred super B trains in western Canada singing “I work on my back, what’s it to you?” In my cottage, Timothy Bale and his friends decided to go all edgy on me and that was OK too. The same is true for the Big City Bales who duplex and triplex together, side by side in narrow in-fill lots. 

And if the wicked truth be told, one kinky bunch hung out end-on-end in the walls of a cabinet maker’s shop.

Enough. All this scandal weakens me, so it’s back to the bar.


Habib John L Gonzalez
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"Better the kindness of imperfection than perfection without kindness" 

From: Jeff Ruppert 
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Subject: [GSBN] Bale Orientation Survey

For a future issue we want to do a short article on bale orientation within straw bale walls.  We are interested in what professionals do and why.   

If you would, please take a couple minutes and tell us your preference.  This survey is comprised of four questions, so it is very short.  There is a form you can use to explain why you like to place bales flat, on-edge, on-end, etc.  The more thoughts on the subject you can give us the better article we can create for our readers.  This applies to panel builders as well as regular walls built in-place.  

I have to be honest and say that my curiosity got the better of me on this one.  I really want to hear some opinions on this from folks like you because the question comes up a lot depending on who you talk to.

The survey can be found here: http://thelaststraw.org/?p=5174

Thanks everyone for your taking time out of your busy schedule and please forward this link to any of your associates not on the GSBN who may have an opinion.


Jeff Ruppert

The Last Straw
The International Journal of Straw Bale and Natural Building

P.O. Box 1809
Paonia, CO  81428
(970) 948-5744

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