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Thanks Feile

you could link me to EBANZ  <www.earthbuilding.org.nz>

as to Earth Building Standards

there are the three NZ standards (currently under review) and one compliance document for external moisture:

NZS 4297:1998. Engineering Design of Earth Buildings (Specific Design), 

NZS 4298:1998. Incl Amendment#1 2000 Materials and Workmanship for Earth Buildings,

NZS 4299:1998. Incl Amendment#1 1999 Earth Buildings Not Requiring Specific Design.     G. North et al.   Standards New Zealand, 1998

E2/AS2       2008     http://www.dbh.govt.nz/UserFiles/File/Publications/Building/Compliance-documents/E2-External-Moisture-Dec-2011-6.pdf  



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> Hi everyone
> Please find the most up to date list of earth-related practitioners on GSBN attached. If anyone wants to be added to it or to amend their information, let me know. Some of you have included associations you are involved with, which is a good thing to know, e.g. if you are board members of various natural building associations, etc.
> Andy Horn had queried what standards and codes are available around the world for natural buildings - does anyone have any follow ups on that? Regulation seems to be getting tighter and tighter, so the more science and approved data we can throw at the authorities, the more natural buildings will be be built (and the easier it will be to convince clients that it need not be a big them-and-us battle).
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