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Dang, I'm just catching up on my GSBN email tonight.  Sorry we missed 
you! Alert me directly next time, will you?

Paul Salas out of UNM told me about potassium silcate at one point, and 
gave me a quick demo as we passed through Santa Fe one time.  He was 
looking into the same, and I believe he was trying to figure out if/how 
it was chemically changing the soil.  It was definitely effective in 
reducing water problems - he had a small adobe that had been treated and 
another of the same soil which hadn't, and when he dropped them both in 
water the untreated one came apart.  The treated one came out whole.

I suspect a brush-on application would help the plaster hang together as 
a monolithic sheet.  It would also reduce water infiltration, I 
believe.  Of course, it might also reduce outfiltration...  If it holds 
water in the untreated interior, well, I don't need to spell out for you 
what could result.  You're a smart guy.

On 3/26/14 9:59 AM, Bruce EBNet wrote:
> I'm trying to help a builder near Austin, Texas with a delimitation 
> problem on a 7 year old building.  He says he has since learned to use 
> potassium silicate as a brush-on stabilizer for the blocks, helps the 
> plaster hang on.
> Thoughts?  Experiences?
> Austin folks:  I'm coming into town tonight.  Dinner?
> Thanks,
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