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Sun Apr 13 02:11:15 CDT 2014

Greetings All,

We have clients who are in a predominantly very dry, windy climate with temperature extremes from 40C to -18C wanting to adapt the lime over clay plaster system we generally specify.  

They are wanting to apply the 30mm 'body coat' (approximately 1clay;1sand;1straw) and immediately apply a clay slip soaked hessien/jute/burlap wrap around the entire home which is two story.  While still wet they are wanting to wire brush the hessian to create a key, apply another clay slip then 10mm of lime plaster.

The application of clay slip over the hessien seems like a bad idea to us but we can see the draw to being able to apply the lime over a wet substrate in their climate as trying to keep the lime from drying too fast is a real issue for them.

We have a colleague who has used this technique two times in their area but both projects have been up less than a year.  We have no personal experience with this technique and are hesitant to write a specification....  

Can anyone give a history lesson?  I know there was an article in the Last Straw some time ago.  Anyone still using this concept?

Any input would be great!  

Sven and Sarah Johnston 

Sol Design, Ltd. 
Geraldine 7930  New Zealand 
03 693 7369 
sol_design at yahoo.com 
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