[GSBN] Termites

Misha Rauchwerger misha.rauchwerger at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 22:30:53 CDT 2014

I thought I'd debunk the idea that straw bale and cob homes are immune to
termites.  As of yesterday, termites began erupting (literally little
volcanoes) out of a wooden bench on a cob base in the cob house, and from a
dead-man in the cob wall, and I'm finding them on the floor the straw bale
house too.  There's something going on with their life-cycle for them to be
appearing at the same time in both places.

1.  Has anyone else had experience with termites in natural buildings?
2.  Does anyone know of any natural means of eradicating them?
3.  Are there best practices and architectural details to prevent this

Misha Rauchwerger
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