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*Dehydrate them.* Add diatomaceous
earth<http://www.ghorganics.com/DiatomaceousEarth.html> to
the crawl space and around the foundation, Fagerlund suggests. This
natural, light, powdery "soil," which is really crushed-up fossilized
algaelike plants, sucks the moisture out of termites, he says, "It'll repel
termites; they won't go near the stuff."  Use food-grade diatomaceous
earth, he says.

Put diatomaceous earth within and on the bales of straw.


On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 10:30 AM, Misha Rauchwerger <
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> I thought I'd debunk the idea that straw bale and cob homes are immune to
> termites.  As of yesterday, termites began erupting (literally little
> volcanoes) out of a wooden bench on a cob base in the cob house, and from a
> dead-man in the cob wall, and I'm finding them on the floor the straw bale
> house too.  There's something going on with their life-cycle for them to be
> appearing at the same time in both places.
> 1.  Has anyone else had experience with termites in natural buildings?
> 2.  Does anyone know of any natural means of eradicating them?
> 3.  Are there best practices and architectural details to prevent this
> issue?
> Thanks,
> Misha Rauchwerger
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