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G ' day

We have veracious termites here where we live and all over Australia except
Tasmania and New Zealand.

We always protect against termite attack:

1.  Use termite proof material within the building.  In Australia we have a
timber we call Cypress Pine which is impervious to termite attack.  We also
use treated pine or LVL where cypress is unavailable.  The roof trusses
these days are all treated pine or LVL to H4.

2.  Use mechanical barriers such as galvanized steel sheeting underneath
the bottom plates.

3.  If using a concrete slab make sure that the area between the ground and
the bottom plate is clear at least 100 mm and free of any creases and
inspect the perimeter annually.

4.  Last resort is to use a chemical bait or worse till spray the
foundations and slab.


Rubble Trench Footing Ant

Happy Easter to you all.

The Straw Wolf

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