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G ' day

Just finished a workshop so have been off line so to speak.

Using hessian is not a good idea it is too fine a key.

We have not used any netting, rabbit or chook size since 2000 on the raw
bales or on rendered bales.  We have used hessian once and never since far
too hard to do and it delaminated very quickly and it was hessian put onto
a wet earthen mix then lime as a second coat.

We do embed a 10 mm mesh I believe poly it is called scrim mesh or
renderer's mesh.  It comes in 50 metre rolls and can cover 45 sq metres.
 We apply this in the second cost of earth or lime in every wall these days.

We are also experimenting with applying earthen render over lime.  The
reason we can pump the lime on easily and get two coats done very quickly.
 I like the earthen render finish so I have done some test walls using
earth on lime, just patches and they have been on for 2 years now and are
working very well.

We have also used a mix we call Maudie's Magical Mix which is lime, earth,
sand and fibre usually rice hulls.  This mix pumps well  and can also have
oxides.  It is an excellent mix and very strong and sheds water easily.

We used to apply a first coat of earth a second coat of Maudie's Magical
Mix and a finish coat of lime.  Why I do not know however it is on several
buildings with no problems especially this one:

Lethbridge Jumbo Bale

After many thousands of square metres of render applied since we started in
1997 we have had little or few problems with any of our clients.  These
days it is lime and we use hydrated plaster lime usually Blue Circle or
Brighton-Adelaide plaster quality lime.  The sand is course washed river
sand up to 3 mm for the first two coats and the final coat we use a fine
beach sand.  The mix we use is 2.5 parts sand to 1 part lime.

I personally prefer earthen renders but if we are to be fair dinkum with
straw bale building we need to get up to speed with the real world of
commercial home building.  Lime gives us speed of application and if done
right an excellent render for our varied climates in Australia.  It is
readily available and inexpensive.  The proof is in the pudding as they say
and with many buildings now over 10 years old using lime zero problems.

We have not mixed render types since the Lethbridge House in 2000 it is
either one or the other; all the way through.


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