[GSBN] Climate Ride 2014 - Please Support CASBA's Riders

David Arkin david at arkintilt.com
Tue May 6 00:42:35 CDT 2014

Hello Global Straw Balers:

On behalf of CASBA, a hearty THANK YOU for those of you who have supported us in the past!  With your help we raised a significant portion of the budget of the California Straw Building Association  aka CASBA.  I apologize if you receive this note twice; please know that this is the last time I'll be asking for your help this year, and next year I'll likely be taking the year 'off'.  

Yesterday I rode the Grizzly Peak Century, logging 117 miles and over 8.500 feet of vertical climbing.  Physically I'm on schedule and ready to do the Climate Ride.  Fiscally, however, I'm behind schedule, and that's where I need YOUR help.  This year I will again thank donors by sending either a jar of custom 'climate ride blend' olives OR a long-sleeve CASBA t-shirt OR a CASBA baseball cap to donors giving $150 or more.  With a $250 donation ($1 per mile) or more, I'll send all three!  And this year I'm offsetting the full cost of my ride, which means that all donations will go 100% to CASBA.  

Support David!

As you may already know, this year my daughter Ellie is riding too; Climate Ride wrote a nifty blog about the two of us riding together; here's the link in case you missed it:  http://www.climateride.org/blog/father-and-daughter-to-share-the-experience-of-climate-ride   Ellie is riding for CASBA, Bike East Bay, Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy, and her proceeds will be split evenly between those groups; if you're under the age of 30 (actually, mentally or emotionally), your contribution to Ellie's ride will be matched by her mom, Anni Tilt (send her a note:  anni at arkintilt.com).  

Support Ellie!

Climate Ride California 2014 consists of 150 cyclists pedaling in a 4-day, 250 mile ride to increase awareness of the climate crisis and support bike advocacy.  Our fundraising will go to support Straw Bale Construction, an all natural, high thermal performance building system that is one of the few that actually sequesters carbon out of the atmosphere.  Your donation will support, among other things, efforts to add a chapter on straw bale construction to the building code, go toward funding our member projects in Haiti and Pakistan, and our larger goal of bringing this sustainable building system into greater mainstream awareness (as a key component of achieving net zero energy buildings, which will be the code minimum for new homes in California in 2020).  Team CASBA.  Our team is halfway to its goal; please support our riders!


David / CASBA

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Arkin Tilt Architects
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Please Support my 2014 CA Climate Ride (bicycle ride from San Francisco to Sacramento, May 17-20, with a fundraising goal of $5,000 to support Straw-Bale outreach) 
Thank you!

David Arkin, AIA, Architect
LEED Accredited Professional
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"There is no way to peace. Peace is the way."
— A. J. Muste 

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