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Dear all

Thanks to everyone again that mailed through various natural building codes.


The meeting with our national standards bodies went really well. 


(I will post a link on media fire in due course to an overview of our think-tank meeting, which identifies obstacles and suggests solutions to mainstreaming natural building materials, when Media Fire allows me to, but it is currently not working).


One of the outcomes is that we now have an opportunity to set up an entire new chapter in our standards that specifically deals with a full range of natural building materials....so not just earth building. 


So if any of you know of any further codes or standards out there, I would much appreciate it. I will go through issue 54 of “The Last Straw” to pick up more on straw bale codes, though it seems some of this may be out of date already.


What about countries like Canada the UK or France having any straw bale, stone or earth building codes....would any of you know?  


Then in addition, do any of your know or sit on any of the technical committees that are currently reviewing or responsible for reviewing any of the natural building codes.... as well of who the contact people would be on those technical committees. This is one of the questions I have to answer when submitting a formal motivation to our standards board. So far I only have info on New Zealand and India.


I will post a link to a first draft on Media Fire shortly when it allows me to and send out the link, so that any of you can download it to check it for any incorrect or out of date information.


Thanks again and I look forward to the responses.


Kind regards,

Andy Horn



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