[GSBN] Welcome James Henderson (was: Re: Data base of approved natural building codes)

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Fri Jun 6 03:11:44 CDT 2014

Hi All,

James Henderson has been added to GSBN as a posting member.

On 5/13/14 5:20 PM, Strawtec wrote:
> Re: [GSBN] Data base of approved natural building codes
> Lastly, I would like to advise that James Henderson from Clayworks 
> should become a GSBN member. He has worked with Bill and Athena Steen 
> and has run a number of workshops both with me and independently. If 
> anyone can support this call it would be appreciated. James will be 
> going back to America to live and work there and we wish him all the 
> best getting back on his feet there. If you have not yet seen it, 
> James has recently written a rendering book which I highly recommend 
> titled "Earth Render -- The art of clay plaster, render and paints".

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