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Thanks for this link on failed cob.

tis the reason I insist on good roof overhangs for earth - and straw - buildings

We have just had an extended period of incredibly high winds along with very heavy rains - enough to test the stoutest plaster system that does not also have the benefit of good rain deflection built in to the design.

I now tell my clients they have several choices in site exposed to wind driven rain.  They can either put the roof out horizontally, or they can put it down vertically - or else they build out of something else.
If they put on a rain screen cladding - a type of vertical roof - then they do not need much in the way of roof overhangs at all.


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> Must have been eating too much of the fermented corn on the cob.
> http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-devon-25689764
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