[GSBN] Straw Bale Buildings in Italy - to visit?

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Hello Martin,

also there is Stefano Soldati who was organising an Italian SB Association 

I believe Barbara Jones helped build his house. 

Bale on
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Hello GSBN members in Italy (and elsewhere),

I will soon be travelling in Tuscany and wonder if there are any straw bale
buildings in the region I could visit. I will be staying near Pontedera,
between Florence and Pisa, from August 1-4. Sorry this is short notice, but
this idea just occurred to me. (Also, I sent this yesterday, but it did not
go through. Anyone else have this problem?)

Any possibilities are appreciated. I've seen straw bales in the fields
traveling from Rome to Venice. Would love to 'see' them in a building (!).


Martin Hammer

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