[GSBN] Straw Bale Buildings in Italy - to visit? (Thank you!)

martin hammer mfhammer at pacbell.net
Tue Aug 5 06:28:08 CDT 2014

Ciao a tutti in tutto il mondo,

A delayed thank you to all who responded to my Italy inquiry. I did manage
to see one straw bale house / permaculture center under construction. A
great experience. I will report more about this interesting building, its
exceptional owner / builder, and a few other things about straw bale in
Italy when I get a chance to breathe.

For now, thank you Valentina (grazie!), Art, Chug, and David, and mostly to
Stefano Soldati, who is a (mostly silent) GSBN member who was very helpful
connecting me locally.

Fino ad allora . . .

Martino Martello  (Martin Hammer)

PS ­ Bruce, I have good info for you and Sarah for your September trip.

On 7/30/14 7:52 PM, "valentina maini" <vmaini at mac.com> wrote:

> Dear Martin,
> ohhh as an italian living in Spain i would love to be there and meet you...
> there is a lot going on in Italy at the moment:
> - very "mediatic" house in Rome ! here the web of the architects
> http://www.bagstudio.org/en
> - attached houses here in the region of Marche: http://www.caseinpaglia.it/
> - the pioneer center of Stefano Soldati near Venice (i think he his in this
> list) www.laboa.org <http://www.laboa.org>
> - the projects of Werner Schimdt i guess you know it
> - a group in Sardegna island working now with open source- 3d printing with
> earth and straw http://www.progettobarega.org/
> Close to your place of travelling  i know very active engineer :
> *  Mariangela Pucci: marpucg at gmail.com, http://terrasemplice.wordpress.com/  -
> http://www.edilpaglia.it/
> Enjoy your travel ! best regards,
> Valentina Maini
> El 30/07/2014, a las 10:02, martin hammer escribió:
>> Hello GSBN members in Italy (and elsewhere),
>> I will soon be travelling in Tuscany and wonder if there are any straw bale
>> buildings in the region I could visit. I will be staying near Pontedera,
>> between Florence and Pisa, from August 1-4. Sorry this is short notice, but
>> this idea just occurred to me. (Also, I sent this yesterday, but it did not
>> go through. Anyone else have this problem?)
>> Any possibilities are appreciated. I've seen straw bales in the fields
>> traveling from Rome to Venice. Would love to 'see' them in a building (!).
>> Grazie
>> Martin Hammer
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