[GSBN] quoining: anyone doing it on SB construction?

Bill Christensen billc at greenbuilder.com
Fri Aug 22 13:33:28 CDT 2014

Question from my wife:

(for those who don't know, quoining is the use of stone, brick, etc at 
corners, doorways, and other high traffic areas as in the attached image)

One issue that earthen-plastered (or stuccoed) SB homes have is that the 
corners and edges get beaten up and then the plaster comes off.

So here's this old French farmhouse with quoins and what appears to be 
some kinda plaster inside and out. (see attached)

Q: has anyone yet tried it for either load-bearing, wrap or infill SB?

Yes yes condensation and moisture and differentials with respect to 
nonhomogeneous materials...

Bill Christensen

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