[GSBN] quoining: anyone doing it on SB construction?

Lance Kairl sabale at bigpond.com
Sun Aug 24 01:23:44 CDT 2014

Brick Quoins on Strawbale walls.

Sorry the attached photos are not that great.

The top photo was to replicate a traditional homestead,
And the lower was to have the new extension blend in with the "free stone"

Our method;  only done on Post and beam.
Reduce the size of the bales at the corners, and or at openings where Quoins
were to be installed.
Made sure there was sufficient room to render the straw and still allow
brick quoins to be installed. 
( usually a post adjacent to the opening or a corner post in that location
allowed the  brick ties to be fixed).

At the completion of 1st coat render , Quoins installed,
And second coat render used to fill in up to the quoins.
Yes up to, the bricks form a column , not actually stepped in and out like a
traditional quoin. The Column had the face Quoin bricks off set to the
infill bricks so the final render coats could cover the set back bricks.

How much extra work , allot .
But does it look good.
No it looks  FANTASTIC.

Disadvantages, Bricks can leak during rain events......work thru the detail,
hence rendered straw behind,
have a small cavity behind the bricks, and drainage holes.
No real thermal bridging , but reduced insulation value at the locations of
the Quoins.

Regards Lance Kairl
House of Bales 

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