[GSBN] nominations

Bill Christensen billc at greenbuilder.com
Mon Aug 25 11:32:56 CDT 2014

Hi all,

We had a couple of nominations hanging out there - Brad Young of 
Fairfield IA and cob builder Kevin McCabe.  But due to poor follow 
through, Brad was on the 'read only' list until just now when I promoted 
him to contributing member status (WELCOME, Brad! from a fellow 'roo), 
and Kevin hasn't even joined the 'read only' list. Tom or Graham, are 
you willing to follow up on Kevin - invite him to the list and then let 
me know he's signed up.

The same procedure goes for Enga - ask her to sign up for the list and 
let me know once she's there.  I can then make her a contributing member.

Sign up is through the link in the footer of every message from the list.

With all these cobbers and other not-pure-straw people coming in lately, 
perhaps we should change the name from Global Straw Building Network to 
Global Sustainable Building Network!

Bill Christensen

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