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Wed Aug 27 01:02:28 CDT 2014

Enga is now a contributing member of GSBN.  Welcome Enga.  (she said 
she's probably going to lurk for a bit anyway).

Graeme (apologies for the earlier misspelling of your name), please ask 
Min to join via http://sustainablesources.com/mailman/listinfo.cgi/GSBN 
and then let me know when she's done so.  I doubt we'll see any "no" 
votes, so I'll probably be adding her as a contributor as well in the 
next few days.

NZ in March 2016... hmmm.  If I do well in the job interview on Friday I 
may be in a position to do that one, and hopefully maybe bring the whole 

On 8/26/14 4:40 PM, Graeme North wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> I would like to nominate my friend and colleague Min Hall to 
> membership of the list, if someone will second her please.
> I think that she will be a great addition to our collective 
> wisdom. She has designed some really lovely earth and straw buildings.
> Some of you will have met her at Colorado.
> As she says of herself:
> /I am a New Zealand registered architect with over thirty years 
> experience. During that time I have designed a number of earth and 
> straw bale buildings and more recently(2012) completed a Master of 
> Architecture thesis "Earth and Straw Bale: their performance and 
> potential as building materials in New Zealand." I am a member of the 
> Standards New Zealand Committee responsible for our Earth Building 
> Standards and part of a working group looking at providing building 
> consent information for straw bale construction. Most importantly I am 
> on the organising committee for the 2016 International Straw Building 
> Conference to be held in Methven, New Zealand in March 2016 which is 
> going to be a ripper!/
> thanks
> Graeme
> Graeme North Architects
> 49 Matthew Road
> RD1
> Warkworth
> New Zealand 0981
> tel/fax +64 (0)9 4259305
> www.ecodesign.co.nz <http://www.ecodesign.co.nz>
> On 26/08/2014, at 4:32 AM, Bill Christensen <billc at greenbuilder.com 
> <mailto:billc at greenbuilder.com>> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We had a couple of nominations hanging out there - Brad Young of 
>> Fairfield IA and cob builder Kevin McCabe.  But due to poor follow 
>> through, Brad was on the 'read only' list until just now when I 
>> promoted him to contributing member status (WELCOME, Brad! from a 
>> fellow 'roo), and Kevin hasn't even joined the 'read only' list. Tom 
>> or Graham, are you willing to follow up on Kevin - invite him to the 
>> list and then let me know he's signed up.
>> The same procedure goes for Enga - ask her to sign up for the list 
>> and let me know once she's there.  I can then make her a contributing 
>> member.
>> Sign up is through the link in the footer of every message from the list.
>> With all these cobbers and other not-pure-straw people coming in 
>> lately, perhaps we should change the name from Global Straw Building 
>> Network to Global Sustainable Building Network!
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