[GSBN] New member nomination proposal

Bill Christensen lists at sustainablesources.com
Wed Sep 24 12:47:51 CDT 2014

Ask Terry to sign up for the read-only version of the list first.  Once 
he's got a couple Seconds and a few days have passed so that anyone can 
raise objections (which almost never happens) I can switch him to full 
membership.  Let me know his email address so I can do that!

On 9/24/14 10:31 AM, Pete Walker wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to propose Terry van Tilburg as a new member of the 
> network. Terry is an architect, and very active in the Netherlands 
> designing and promoting the use of straw bale construction. He has 
> collaborated with us for the past 3 years at the University of Bath, 
> together with Craig White at ModCell.
> best regards
> Pete

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