[GSBN] Ontario Natural Building Homes Tour 2014

Frank Tettemer frank at livingsol.com
Sun Sep 28 19:08:01 CDT 2014

Hi All,

I'm getting pretty excited about this!
On Sunday, Oct. 5th, there will be over 40 locations all over Ontario, 
Canada, who will open their doors, and host visitors to their off-grid 
home, straw bale home, cob home, rammed earth home, as well as panelized 
bale wall home, factory, union hall, and wineries.

This is the twelfth year of organizing a province-wide self-guided 
tour.  Each year something makes me think that it's redundant; no need 
or interest in visiting our house anymore. Everyone has already seen it. 
No one will come. We're way out in the boonies.
Every year I'm wrong about that.

And every year, for the past quite a few years, there have been over a 
hundred people through our doors each time.
It's a real thrill to offer folks a glimpse at an alternative way to 
live, with alternative building materials, and how it's really a great 
way to ground your self in your own home, despite the frantic pace of 
the world around us, as we know it today.

Chery Keetch, my love, house-mate, and the coordinator for the Ontario 
Natural Building Coalition, has made a google-map of fourty tour 
locations for our up coming Natural Building Homes Tour 2014.  You can 
explore the Province of Ontario's Clay, Sandand Straw builders 
virtually, by going to this map, and clicking on the bubbles. I'm really 
looking forward to opening our doors for the tour on October 5.


Frank Tettemer
Living Sol ~ Building and Design
613 756 3884

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