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Rikki Nitzkin rikkinitzkin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 07:58:09 CDT 2014


The other day I was talking to my friend, and Portuguese Strawbale Arquitect, Catarina Pinto (her web- in Portuguese- http://terrapalha.blogspot.com.es)… and I realized that we don’t have any GSBN members in Portugal as far as I am aware. 

I would like to nominate her to this list. 

She is one of the Pioneers in legal SB building in Portugal, founding member of the new Portuguese Straw Bale Network,  and has participated as the Portuguese representative in the international Leonardo SB project ("STEP – Strawbalebuilding Training for European Professionals“) which has been going on for the last several years (http://www.strawleonardo.eu). 

Any seconds?


p.s. her email is in CC if you want to send her info on how to sign up...

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