[GSBN] earthquake footings

Derek Stearns Roff derek at unm.edu
Wed Nov 5 15:24:43 CST 2014

I don’t know what percentage of us design or build in areas of high earthquake risk.  I was intrigued with the 10 minute video linked below, which describes building a house connected to the foundation only by gravity.  The house sits on a number of plastic pads, each about 100mm in diameter.  Each pad sits in a shallow dish 750mm in diameter.  The idea is that the ground can shake and move under the house, while the house itself will move to a smaller extent, with lower acceleration.  The dished support plates encourage the house to re-settle near the center of the dishes.  Professors and students from several universities are shown in the video.  They claim “damage-free” in a 6.9-magnitude earthquake, simulated on a full-scale shake table test.  



Derek Roff
derek at unm.edu

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