[GSBN] Plaster detail at Bale/Plywood Interface

Ian Smith ian at lopezsmolensengineers.com
Mon Nov 17 16:26:10 CST 2014

Hi everyone,

I'm currently helping with the design of a one-story SB house with a
rectangular footprint and a simple shed roof.  The SB walls will be
constructed with a wood bond beam that's in the horizontal plane around the
whole perimeter of the house, supported on wood posts.  Prefabricated wood
trusses will then bear on top of these beams.  The trusses will have a
"right triangle" shape to create the shed roof and a flat ceiling on the

On the higher side walls of the trusses, the owner would like to have
plaster continue all the way up to the underside of the roof (actually, to
the underside of the roof sheathing), with minimal trim/flashing, etc. at
the interface/transition between the straw bales and the plywood.

I've already mentioned to him that there's the possibility that that
plaster will crack at this interface (due to the differences in substrate
material, plaster thickness, etc), and I've suggested that there be a
control joint in the plaster, or a piece of trim with flashing or something.

I'm just wondering how the rest of you prefer to deal with this detail...

Thanks very much,

Ian Smith, P.E.
Boulder, CO, USA
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