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Tue Nov 18 17:03:14 CST 2014

Howdy, Baleheads —

Any of you ever have trouble getting building permit?

Any of you ever wanted to know some obscure thing about natural building, like the bending strength of Guadua, or the hygroscopic qualities of different clays?

Any of you ever had trouble putting your hands on technical support information?

Me, too.  So I made a big virtual pot, and I’m in the process of throwing into it all the papers, studies, reports and cool websites I know so I can go anytime to that one pot and look them up.  This is the pot:  the BuildWell Library. <http://buildwelllibrary.org/>

Do me, and all of natural building, a huge favor.  Go there, check out what’s already there, and throw into the pot whatever cool stuff you have — and I know that each and every one of you has a unique collection of cool knowledge.  If even a few of us throw in there the best stuff we have, we will start to build the resource that, as far as I can see, is sorely needed to help natural building become just what everybody does.

So share, already!  The world awaits thy nuggets!


Bruce King

(415) 987-7271

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