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John Glassford jacksflat at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 18:58:32 CST 2014

G ' day Mate

Great initiative my friend.

I would like to add my 2 bob's worth and I have registered again as SITUPS.

I do not have any documents as such on the testing of the SITUPS as we have
not had the need to do so. Our engineers are happy to certify them as built.

I would like to upload some pics and the link to the we site if that is
possible under straw panels.

Can do?


Coolamon Rotary Club <http://club.coolamonrotary.com/>

Mount Kenya 2015 ANZAC Day <http://theork.com/>

RAG Endangered Species <http://www.endangeredrag.org/>

Oloimugi Maasai Village <http://oloimugimaasai.org/>

Huff n Puff <http://glassford.com.au/main/>
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