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Andy Horn andy at ecodesignarchitects.co.za
Mon Dec 8 04:25:27 CST 2014

Hi Chris 
I would steer well clear of reverse Osmosis ...unless it is a last resort,
where you have high levels of salt in your water.

RO filtration basically strips out all the minerals and is like drinking
battery water so you thus have to re-mineralize it. It also takes a lot of
energy to run an RO system and furthermore it wastes more water than

You want an in-line filtration system that simply runs off your water
pressure and ideally has a self-cleaning backwash function. You may also
want to differentiate between general household filtration and actual
drinking water quality, so achieving higher quality for your drinking
water.....Set-up in sequence look something like a Sediment filtration,
ultra-filter, granular activated carbon, KDF and an ion exchange.

There are quite a few options her in SA ...but essentially everything comes
from abroad, so no point in sending you a link to anything of ours. Tom's
link is hopefully going to be of help. 
Andy Horn 

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Hi all,

I know this isn't really a straw bale question, but I thought all the
excellently researched brains on this list might have some thoughts on the

We're looking for advice on a good, whole house water filtration setup
specifically to deal with municipal water. So we want to be removing
flouride, chlorine, lead & other pipework metals, plus (if it's possible),
the pharmaceuticals that are showing up in municipal water.

I know about reverse osmosis, but am wondering if there are other paths that
anybody has researched or experienced?



Chris Magwood
Director, Endeavour Centre

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