[GSBN] R value export straw blocks?

Lance Kairl sabale at bigpond.com
Mon Jan 26 02:33:27 CST 2015

Thanks all,
I have passed it all on to Pete.

A timely  topic for me as a local export bale producer chatted to be about
His "idea for a load bearing bale"
Some of that conversation was around 4 smaller bales bound into one longer
bale  approx 1200 x 480 x 380  ( mm )
And that the running bond was easy to create at that, but the wall section
could be strapped as one unit , ie  6 bale high  3 long.
Giving a panel of  3600 x 2880  approx.

Each 1200 long bale would be approx 100 kg
The un rendered bale wall section  approx 1800 kg
As he would stack 1200 long bales into a wall with a Telehandler
The 1800 kg panel would not be an issue for him.

Again the great advantage for panels, as i see it is they are rendered
laying down, and delivered to site with at least one coat of render on. Thus
increasing the weight further. Usual questions arose, what holds walls up,
what holds roof down, how rounded are the edges of the bales ....etc.

What R value........any straw wall should far out perform  the basic minimum
insulation supplied in stick homes. ( well constructed straw wall)
But an R value may be required to get accredited building approval.

The additional weight per M/3 ( or M/2) of straw will have an implication
for footing design and cost.

Again thanks all for your responses,
The global collective wisdom is always impressive.
Lance Kairl
House of Bales

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