[GSBN] R value export straw blocks?

martin hammer mfhammer at pacbell.net
Mon Jan 26 17:35:02 CST 2015

Hi Noé,

Do you mean a building built with Stak Blocks? I don't believe a building
has been constructed with them (Bruce might know differently). On the other
hand you mention "even a little tiny house". So I included the attached
photo of a teeny-tiny little tiny house using Stak Blocks. Tiny enough to
sit on a table at a trade show (!).


PS ­ Bruce, I agree that the straw bale subject that needs further research
most is the optimal density for maximum thermal resistance. Of course there
is also lots o¹ structural testing still necessary. I think structural straw
bale walls (especially shear walls) have yet to be fully understood and
optimized. Plus there are so many assembly variations.

On 1/25/15 11:24 PM, "Noé Solsona" <noe at anarchitecture.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Do you know if some buildings have been build with this technic ?
> Because I looked 2 years ago at there web site and it was the same and today,
> still no pictures of any even little tiny house.
> I trust it¹s a very interesting system, mainly for all masons who like to pile
> up blocks and who will never go to straw balles.
> If some of you know more on the development of this technic, I will be happy
> to learn more from it.
> Thanks in advance and all the best
> Noé...

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