[GSBN] R value export straw blocks?

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Additionally, the modern wheat varieties are cultivated to maximise grain yield and minimise stalk (here in Victoria anyway). I just left the paddock of the longest straw I could find in the area. The farmer intentionally harvested with the highest cut he could, and the remaining straw was mid-calf at best (300mm,/1ft long once cut to bail). This doesn't bode well for the future of bale building.

To give him credit, he did blow out two hoses trying to get super tight bales. The hoses were supposedly rated at 200psi, the bale string didn't seem overly challenged. 


enga at thelokeys.net

On 28/01/2015, at 1:25 PM, John Glassford wrote:

> G ' day
> Been busy building away form home just my observation on straw bales period.
> The biggest problem we face is that the majority of wheat growers here now use the large squares for straw bales in your language 8' x 3 ' 3'  or 8' x 4' x 4' the preference is 8' x 3' x 3' for transportation needs and economies of scale.
> The small bales are not in favour and out of fashion and the balers are getting older and more unreliable.
> We have one supplier who keeps us going all year as well as supplying clients we put his way.
> We have as you know built several buildings now using the larger bales.  They are great to use but not in large volume housing.  It is a specialist job for those who like using jumbos.  Our preference with jumbo bales are the 8'x3'x2' bales but these are getting rare as the contract balers are not using these any more.
> I have enjoyed the thread and have learned much but it is very confusing.
> Bottom line once you have lived in a straw bale home as we have now since 2005 there is no other option!
> Back to work just put up 900 bales in a 3 bed house over 8 days using our hybrid method and the roof goes on next week.
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