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Hi Rikki – I have responded via your gmail address using the conference
email system. Let us stick to that.




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I would like to submit an abstract for the gathering in 2016, however I have
the doubt about doing so as there is no info yet about costs and the cost
will determine my possibility to attend.

I assume no discounts will be given to speakers... Will any grants be

The themes I could talk about are around the topics of: teaching SB building
and clay plasters, networking, SB for self-builders (both advice and
orientation for self-builders and pros who support them), SB in Spain, and
how SB help build "community".

If any of these topics are interesting i can fill out the abstract form, but
won't be able to confirm my attendance until price info is available.

Also, I am presently teaching a SB course in Chile and may not be able to
fill in the form until the 16th due to limited time and internet access.

Sincerely, Rikki Nitzkin

Www.rikkinitzkin.wordpress.com <http://Www.rikkinitzkin.wordpress.com> 

El jueves, 5 de marzo de 2015, Min Hall <minhall at xnet.co.nz
<mailto:minhall at xnet.co.nz> > escribió:
> Hi Everyone – Can you please use the ISBC 2016 website to submit extracts.
Here is the link to the website www.strawbuildconference.co.nz
> If you go to the Call for Abstracts page you will see the requirements. We
have had a number of abstracts in already and its shaping up to be a great
> Cheers
> Min 

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