[GSBN] Home made mortar mixer?

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Hey Chris
I was just thinking of this.  I don't have plans but one could use a small car or truck as the power for such a thing.  I was thinking along the lines of 55 gallon drum cut in half and the mixer shaft welded to an old wheel rim.  Because you could only jack the vehicle up so far height for dumping the mixed load might be an issue. 

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> Subject: [GSBN] Home made mortar mixer?
> Hi all,
> We had a student in our program last year who is an architect in 
> Ecuador. She is working on a straw bale house there now, and has asked 
> me if I have any plans for a mortar mixer that she could have fabricated 
> by a local welder. She needs something to mix large volumes of 
> clay/sand/straw mix.
> If anybody has any suggestions, I'll forward them along to her.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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