[GSBN] The (Canadian) Patron Saint of SBC

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I hope that Don Fugler will forgive me this indiscretion but I know that  
many people in the SB community have benefited from the efforts of Don on  
their behalf and furthering strawbale building science in general while he  
was working at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's Research Division.

The following excerpt is self-explanatory:

==================== copied, pasted and forwarded without Don's knowledge  
or permission======

On Sun, 26 Jul 2015 07:03:27 -0400, Don Fugler <donfugler at gmail.com> wrote:

  Sharon will probably die in the next several days. She had a cardiac  
arrest and ensuing brain damage. She is not expected to live long once  
they take her off the breathing machine. We are all in shock here but  
family and friends have been very supportive. There is a floating cast of  
10-20 people in the ICU "quiet" room. I am sure they will be glad to get  
rid of us. I have been savouring the diversity and intensity of hugs.

I will let you know when events come to pass.

=================== end of forwarded material  

I never met Don's wife Sharon in person but I do know that just a year or  
two prior to Don's retirement from CMHC, Sharon had made a trip to Nepal  
to do a Yoga Teacher training program and maybe a year or two following  
her return, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

In offering my useless but well-meaning comments to Don after hearing that  
news, Don revealed that Sharon  was the "poster child" for healthy  

I am without words, but I can forward Don's to you.

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