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Sun Sep 20 18:21:07 CDT 2015

Greetings all.


I have been having brief discussions with our Insurance industry association here in Australia.

Some , suspect activities by brokers is emerging.

Namely  listing the build as “ brick veneer”  in construction , mainly to sell the policy  and / or  give a good price for the policy.

later home owner inquiries about cover under such a policy

Fortunately just “ to make sure their  strawbale home was covered”  rather than for a claim,

has seen the insurance company’s response as been “ you house is not listed as that, there fore it is not covered”.


With some of our insurers “ equating “ strawbale construction” as a replacement cost equivalent to  “ mud brick or Adobe”

Our insurers look at Replacement cost ( contractor built)  for the value of the build,

Insuring for construction cost will leave the insured short , unless they are still young and fit and wish to self build again.


Other considerations I feel insurance companies should look at to ascertain a reduced risk for insurance underwriters are,

Bales elevated off of floor level, ,  protects bales  in times of internal flooding , as does floor waste drains, 

 dishwasher and  washing machine hose burst is a definable percentage of insurance pay out claims.

Along with design for climate,,, rain screen in some locations ,

Documented render thickness , these things  should make that build more desirable to insure.


Any how in brief,

Our insurance  policies  here may be grouped under a “ building material “  other than strawbale,

it is important that the policy  wording is for “Strawbale Construction”


Regard  Lance Kairl

House of Bales.






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