[GSBN] Wanna give a workshop at Endeavour in 2016?

Chris Magwood chris at endeavourcentre.org
Thu Oct 29 20:09:46 CDT 2015

Hi all,

Jen and I are in the process of putting together our 2016 workshop 
schedule for Endeavour. Last year was our first time assembling an 
entire season's calendar in advance, and the result was much better 
promotion and attendance at the workshops, so we're trying to do it again.

If you or someone you know is going to be in or around Ontario, Canada 
in 2016 and might want to do a workshop, please let us know. We pay our 
instructors reasonably well, and can sometimes cover long-distance 
travel costs (definitely short-distance costs), but it's better if 
travel costs can be shared or incorporated into trips already planned.

We offer hands-on and classroom-based workshops of lengths that vary 
between 3 hours to 5 days. From April-August, we can also incorporate 
teaching time in our full time program, which makes it possible for us 
to offer a bit more pay.

Anyway, if you've been dreaming of some time in the land of the handsome 
Liberal leader, let me know! We can turn that dream into reality...


Chris Magwood
Director, Endeavour Centre

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