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Derek Stearns Roff derek at unm.edu
Mon Nov 2 17:35:03 CST 2015

Those of us who want to monitor the conditions inside our walls have had a variety of options, from home-built to industrial, at a range of prices.  However, finding a system that meets a home builder’s definition of easy and affordable has been elusive.  I just found a product advertised at Lee Valley Tools, which shows that the consumer market is beginning to offer interesting options.  Powered by a CR2032 battery, the device will log data, and transmit it to an iPhone or other iOS device for “up to a year”.  Important details are missing, but it looks interesting.  The D2 model costs $159, and measures temperature accurate to 0.5 degrees C, and humidity, accurate to 2%, according to the web page.  The device appears to be about 40mm long, 35mm wide, and 13mm thick.



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