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Greetings all


Those that have multiple sensitivities

Become hyper alert to all smells ( even water has a smell )

And depending on the individual they may be cautious about smells , rather than understanding  the compounds that they have reactions to.

Wheat straw allergies exist, and are usually ( usually) of no concern once the walls are plastered.

However some people reactions to the wheat straw are such that they discount the use of wheat straw out of ,( fear) ,

Or their known experience of their reactions, and the unknown protection that plaster will give them.


Some plasterboard compounds are full of nasties, however some of the cornice glues  can be used as flushing compound and are acceptable for some.

Mind you the same client  happily bought a new car , with all its vynal off gassing.


In short its not only the finishes that may need considering,

It will depend on the types of sensitivities and reactions the person has/ gets.


It may well be a long process of elimination that will need to  happen before commencing construction.

Good luck with the journey.


Cheers Lance Kairl

House of Bales


ps  seasons greetings.



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Hi everyone,

I have a potential client with various allergies who inquires whether SB-homes are safe for him.


For a clay-plastered SB-home I am thinking about the answer in regard to the plastered walls only. Not floors, ceilings, ventilation systems, furniture etc.


Does anyone know if I am right in assuming that it is only relevant to know about clayplasters and the paints used if any.


Best regards,

Lars Keller


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