[GSBN] Thermal resistance test reports for strawbale walls

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I believe Werner Schmidt was involved in some thermal testing in Switzerland.  I think he is a member of this list, but perhaps he doesn’t follow our discussions.

info at atelierwernerschmidt.ch<http://www.atelierwernerschmidt.ch/de/kontakt?mailto=aW5mb0BhdGVsaWVyd2VybmVyc2NobWlkdC5jaA==>


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Thank you Chris!

Great to see you (and everyone else) at the Natural Building Colloquium at Catherine Wanek’s Black Range Lodge in New Mexico in October.


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  Hi Martin,

 Attached is what I've got in my files, apart from what you've mentioned.


On 16-01-06 8:19 PM, martin hammer wrote:

Thermal resistance test reports for strawbale walls Hello all,

 I and fellow GSBN members Nehemiah Stone and David Eisenberg are seeking thermal resistance test data/reports. We are already aware of the following U.S. tests:

 McCabe, et al – 1993
 Sandia Labs -  1994
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) – 1996 and 1998

 We are also aware of the following test outside the U.S.:

 Vienna Univ. of Technology – R.Wimmer, et al

 The purpose of our search is to re-evaluate the thermal resistance properties stated in the current Strawbale Construction appendix in the 2015 International Residential Code (which is based on the second ORNL test).

 Any reports or links to reports are greatly appreciated.

 Thanks, and a happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year to all !

 Martin Hammer

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