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Enga Lokey enga at thelokeys.net
Mon Jan 11 21:48:31 CST 2016

Happy New Year everyone,

I am working on an article for an alternative technology magazine here in Australia (ReNew) about Strawbale Building Courses, and have tried to track down everything that is offered in Australia and NZ (fortunately not an overwhelming amount). In doing so, I have come across some builders that also offer online or DVD based instruction. As this article is intended to cover everything that is accessible in our region, those resources should be included, even if produced overseas. So, if any of you either produce yourself or are aware of others who offer electronic strawbale building tuition (in English), please contact me directly. Shameless self-promotion is just fine. Who wouldn’t want a bit of free publicity in an editorial space? 

Thanks all,

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enga at thelokeys.net

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