[GSBN] Has Deva been to outer space?

Jacob Deva Racusin buildnatural at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 13 12:35:54 CST 2016

Oh man - would that I was in that video! A lot more fun than much of the 
administrative work I've been toiling on of recent. But not as much fun 
as BuildWell! Now THAT was more fun than exploding colored balloons in 
zero gravity...there was a good straw caucus in the room, representing 
the need for natural building solutions to answer the need for healthy, 
zero-carbon materials. Bruce and Sarah, a deep bow to you both for 
making that event possible!


On 2/12/16 8:00 PM, martin hammer wrote:
> Re: [GSBN] Has Deva been to outer space? Derek,
> I heard two of the band members today on Public Radio talk about 
> making this video. Filmed on a plane travelling in a parabolic 
> trajectory creating 30-second periods of simulated weightlessness on 
> the descent portion of the parabola. Eight weightless periods were 
> stitched together to make the seamless video.
> One band member does look a bit like Jacob Deva Racusin, our 
> illustrious GSBN member. I should know because in addition to seeing 
> him at the Natural Building Colloquium in New Mexico in October, I had 
> dinner with him (and others) last night, and saw him frequently at the 
> Build Well conference the last three days in San Francisco. Another 
> exceptional conference organized and hosted by Bruce and Sarah King. 
> Thank you Bruce and Sarah! (and all who participated).
> Though the conference is over, you can learn more about it at: 
> http://ecobuildnetwork.org/buildwell-2016
> Martin Hammer
> On 2/11/16, 6:30 PM, "Derek Roff" <derek at unm.edu> wrote:
>     I just watched the video linked below, and I’m wondering if it
>     contains someone we know.  He’s always doing innovative things,
>     but maybe this is someone else.  More destruction than
>     construction, but it’s got a good beat.
>     https://www.facebook.com/okgo/videos/10153210535420683/
>     Derek
>     Derek Roff
>     derek at unm.edu
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