[GSBN] Prefab hoe-down

Bob Theis bob at bobtheis.net
Thu Feb 25 16:19:46 CST 2016


I am not at all surprised at the extent to which we agree. Seeing pictures of that first bale house of yours made it quite clear that you were okay with  walls that were not stiff  and straight! 

And I absolutely agree that making  low carbon buildings commonly available by reducing their cost is a much  higher priority than  avoiding machined edges. 

What I am hoping is that we don’t stop at the current approach  but  find a way to have it both ways:  Let the bale walls remain BALE walls - not wood boxes with bales in them -  AND  get them up and covered faster.  

This probably requires a different approach  to aggregating bales , like ….glueing them into a panel?  

The point being, there’s an asset to bale walls  - the character we find so appealing  - that we don’t want to lose. 

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