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Fri Feb 26 19:28:04 CST 2016

G ' day Bob

All good points mate taken on board.  Especially for one off architect
designed homes.

Straw bale is indeed a big tent, guys, but what I am pointing out is that
prefab straw bale  - *as currently practiced  - *reduces the size of that
tent, with serious implications for wide scale uptake.

I do not agree with your comment above AS this is not what the pre-fab SB
panels are intended for.

I see two areas where we can work and these are:

Low cost housing in countries such as my old home Kenya.

High end contemporary buildings where smooth straight sharp lines are the
appeal of a new home.

I also see pre-fab panels ready for erection as the way to get the main
stream builders involved.

So in reality all buildings and as Modcell have shown, even high rise

There will always be those who want a hand made look and good on them, I am
one of them.  However reality says that even here in Australia 130,000 so
homes are built annually and only a handful would be straw bale.  Maybe
even as low as 100 even lower.  What is the state of straw bale homes in
Canada or the USA as a % of new homes?

Long live the purists for that is important, but we need to be fair dinkum
about the difference that we can make and until we get into main stream
people will continue to use unsustainable materials.

Been doing this for 18 years now and we still have not scratched the
surface of those who are using unsustainable building materials.

Kind regards
​The Straw Wolf

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