[GSBN] NBNE annual gathering

ejgeorge at riseup.net ejgeorge at riseup.net
Sat Feb 27 08:16:24 CST 2016

Just in case there's any lurking Northeasterners out there we didn't 
already  know about or anyone happens to be passing through...

Natural Builders Northeast's annual gathering is next weekend in VT

March 4th-6th
Woods Lodge
Northfield VT

Discussion topics & facilitators for this year are:

Tech Topics:

Lower carbon approaches (Jacob Racusin)

StrawCell detail session (Aaron Dennis, ej George)

Prefab straw bale (Chris Magwood, Jen Feigin)

High performance doors (Ben Graham)

Current best practices/developing new practices (Ace McArleton)

            1. Foundations
            2. Window Details
            3. Plaster Details
            4. Bottom of Ext Wall

Sensors and monitoring (Jacob Racusin)

Biz Topics:

Business bottom lines: understanding profit and pricing (Ace McArleton)

Efficiency in the field and crew management (Stephen Dube)

Estimating and cost tracking (Jack Mills)

Business planning and strategy (Megan McNally) also hands on employee 

Marketing, promotion, client relations (Megan McNally)

Code updates (ej George, Darren Port)

Plus our annual Natural Building Pecha Kucha

We're usually a somewhat casual gathering of folks from NE US with some 
eastern Canucks and usually a couple midwesterners to boot, but one 
agenda item for this year is planning a bigger, more formal event for 
2017...so keep an eye out!


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