[GSBN] Prefab VS curves??

Sarah Johnston sol_design at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 27 11:33:11 CST 2016

It is great to hear all the different thoughts regarding flat or curvy walls, prefab, site bale etc!

I do not see that a prefab wall has to be anything different to the way you would build a wall 'normally'.  There are so many different options when it comes to 'prefab' that there is almost always a technique which will work well.

Two techniques I am going to be demonstrating at the ISBC are the 'buck and beam' system (built standing then plastered) and the 'tilt bale' which is the exact same wall laying flat, plastered on both sides, then immediately stood onto the foundation.  The plaster is still wet once it is stood so the plaster can be worked as much as you like laying flat or standing.  The only difference is the efficiency of plaster application.

I really see the tent getting bigger due to prefab rather than making the tent smaller.

Speaking of tents.... I had better go and load some on the trailer so that we can set up for the ISBC!!


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