[GSBN] The earliest straw houses

Bob Theis bob at bobtheis.net
Fri Mar 11 16:06:38 CST 2016

Just in case people don’t know about this incredible tradition, here’s a recent film. 

 Well, okay,  they’re REED houses, but hey, it’s building with annual vegetation. 

Their buildings show up in the film starting about 1: 03

Some cultural historians maintain that these buildings were the reason vaulted masonry  has its earliest evidence in the Middle East:  “ Hey, maybe we could build like that in mud brick…” 

Note the huge reed column behind some of the speakers.  Archeologists wondered why the stone columns in early Mesopotamian palaces had raised bands at intervals,  and it was suggested they were stone  imitations  of the reed originals. 

An unbroken three thousand year building technique. Inspiring stuff.   Reed  on! 

< <https://youtu.be/SWmvIJmv5tU>https://youtu.be/SWmvIJmv5tU <https://youtu.be/SWmvIJmv5tU>> <https://youtu.be/SWmvIJmv5tU>

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