[GSBN] insulation vaue of straw bales

Lance Kairl sabale at bigpond.com
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Greetings all,

David Atkin ( I think it was)  and I had a conversation on the latest R value,

1.88 on edge and 1.55 on flat, that is per 25mm.  US R’s   not  metric.


Not sure if rendered or not.

And or if there is any testing data to confirm.


Regards Lance Kairl.



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G’Day, GSBN —


John Glassford wrote to me asking for some technical reports, in particular the thermal study done at Oak Ridge National Laboratories about 15 years ago.  I can’t find an electronic copy on my hard drive, but hope that one of you do and will load it up on the BuildWell Source here: http://buildwelllibrary.org/building-materials/fibers/straw/strawbale


We’ve all been in John’s position, and will again:  when the technical stuff you mostly don’t care about or need you suddenly do, and in those moments we all need an easy, accessible place to find it.  That’s why we have the Source <http://buildwelllibrary.org>    But it is a user based, user-reviewed resource; we count on you to take a moment and upload whatever useful documents you may have so that everybody forevermore all have benefit of them.


Please do take a moment to share whatever geeky jewells you may have — on straw, straw-clay, earthen building, bamboo, or any other part of natural building.  Someone someday will be very grateful that you did, but you can enjoy the warm satisfaction of your own selfless generosity right away!




Bruce King

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G ' day Bruce


Trust that you have fully recovered from your visit to the Land of the Long White Cloud.


I am copying this to one of our valued clients John Beurle who is building an energy rated SITUPS home in Victoria.


John needs some of the latest data on the R value of straw bale walls.  I only have the old work that was done  by Joe McCabe and Nehemiah Stone.


John is going for a 9 star rated wall system for the Victorian Government.


If you are able to help us it would be very much appreciated mate.


Remember our down under rating systems are a wee bit different to yours in the USA.


I am working on walls 350 mm thick i.e. bales on edge as well as allowing for render on the external walls at least using lime render 45 mm thick.


Thanks mate. 


Kind regards
Susan and John Glassford
Huff 'n' Puff Constructions
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