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Hello Global Straw Building Network! 

My name is Emily Niehaus. I am the Founding Director of Community Rebuilds, and I am in (constant) search of lead instructors for our growing organization. As we expand, we seek to hire builders (early in their career is preferred) that have a mix of conventional and natural building experience to join us in Moab, Utah. The job entails leading a group of student interns, an apprentice, and an owner-builder family in the construction of a 1,100 square foot straw bale home over the course of a 5 month semester. We are committed to fostering a supportive work environment where staff can learn on the job alongside our students and families. That means we are reaching out to builders that are on their path to grow as a teacher or as a natural builder. Doug Nichols, our lead instructor and natural builder in Moab, is dedicated to mentoring new instructors for the organization. 

Truth is…we need more natural builders if we are going to build more low carbon, modern natural buildings!

Please take a moment to forward this letter to anyone you know that is looking for work. Or consider the position for yourself. And thank you for taking the time to reflect.

Job Description Details:  
Community Rebuilds' mission is to build energy-efficient housing, provide education on sustainability, and improve the housing conditions of the workforce through an affordable program. Our instructors are critical members of our team. Instructors perform the following activities:

-supervision of the construction of a straw bale home from foundation to finish utilizing an all-volunteer crew of student interns, an experienced apprentice, and participating families
-application and instruction of both natural building and conventional building elements
-application of best methods to meet building code and industry standards
-instruction of proper tool use and site safety supervision
-effective project scheduling, resource management and intern motivation to ensure that the project remains on schedule and completion shall be on or before the end of each semester
-foster working relationships with student interns and homeowners
-utilize creative problem solving around dwelling design and finishes

**The CR office staff does all the pre-construction work with families (close loan, obtain building permit, etc.) and secures student interns before each semester begins. We do all the (boring) office stuff so that our instructors get to do the fun stuff: build, teach, learn, and grow. Lead instructors are also paired with an apprentice. Apprentices are prior CR rockstar students ready to take on more leadership responsibilities. Apprentices are mentored in the office to manage the build bookkeeping by paying bills, assisting the lead builder in ordering materials, and working with Quickbooks to produce weekly financial reports to the build team to ensure we are on track to meet an aggressive build budget. Apprentices are paid staff, and students are volunteers. Students receive a place to live at the CR Moab house, and they receive $100/month for food and access to bulk food while they are here. A good night’s sleep and a full belly makes all the difference.**

Lead Instructor Salary starts at $3,800/month. Semesters in Moab have fixed semester dates and deadlines.
Fall Semester: July 15 - December 15
Spring Semester: February 1 - June 30

**Contact me, Emily Niehaus, for more information at  emily at communityrebuilds.org

emily niehaus

founder / director of Community Rebuilds

web    www.communityrebuilds.org <http://www.communityrebuilds.org/>
blog    www.communityrebuilds.wordpress.com <http://www.communityrebuilds.wordpress.com/>
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
Dr. Seuss

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